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Your Band Is a Brand.

If you want a successful brand you have to look successful, I will help develop your brand for your optimal chance at success. 

Diamond Album Package


Formation of Business

Custom Website Development 

Google Anaylitics 

Email Marketing 

Calandly set up

Music Lyric video set up 

Music Production of 1 song 

Mix & Master 

Custom Logo

Spreadsheet Budget 

5 Consultations  

Sleepless Mind Promotion 

Platium Album Package 


Custom Website

Custom Domain Name

Google Analytics 

Social Media Set up

Email Marketing Set up

Custom Logo

Custom Spreadsheet 

2 Consultations 

Gold Album Package


Custom Website

Custom Domain Name 

Google Analytics

Custom Logo

Email List development 

1 consultation



MasterClass 1 on 1 Web tutorial.

We will have a 1 on 1 google meet  chat discussing what it takes to be a successful brand in music today. 

Topics we cover-

Social Media 





Developing various streams of revenue. 

Learn how to make your Band a Brand. 

* Consultation rate $125.00 per hour

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