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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

About Me

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My Mission

Ryan Galway seeks to tell inspiring and engaging story about chasing a dream and making it a reality. 

"The goal was and is simple - make a change in the lives of others, through music and volunteering".

When you love what you do it isn't work.


We are all climbing mountains, mine just happens to be the mountain of music. 

In 2010, Ryan was working full-time as a police dispatcher / instructor when he started working professionally in the music industry.  Ryan also worked as a music Disc Jockey for parties, weddings and corporate events, as well as managing artist merchandise and other various functions.

In his early days of business, not having any previous training in the music industry, Ryan self-taught himself by taking classes at Berklee College of Music and reading books.

During that time, Ryan got his first gig working with friend, musician, singer, songwriter Lorenza Ponce.(Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow)   Ryan managed her merchandise at all of her live shows and aided in social media promotion. Ryan had created a widget for Lorenza's fans which gained 40,000 hits in its 1st week.

In 2011 Lorenza Ponce opened for Bon Jovi on the 2011 tour.  Ryan oversaw handling Lorenza's meet n' greets backstage. 

Having done well in Berklee's Concert Touring & Promotion class, Ryan’s professor urged him to work with other clients. Being loyal to his first ever gig with Lorenza, he waited.  In 2013 he finished his last show with Lorenza at the Stanhope House in NJ. 

Hungry for more growth, Ryan sought out to work with other artist from the NJ local music scene. Ryan found a local crooner who could sing anything from Frank Sinatra to Elvis.  Ryan quickly helped acquire a band for the singer as well as started writing songs for his 1st album. The very 1st show was sold out with 100 people in attendance, with Ryan performing 2 originals with the singer.  Ryan and Jerry created a buzz like neither had seen.  Dinner shows became the theme and they would sell out because not many people in the music scene was putting on shows like this.  After 2 years the band was headed towards doing theater shows, but partnership ended for personal reasons. 

Ryan took a break from management and began writing more songs. In 2015, searching for a singer to sing the songs he wrote, Ryan found 2 local musicians performing at a local open mic night in NJ. When the open mic night ended, Ryan asked them if they would be interested in working under his management, and they said yes. 

Also, in 2015, Ryan's touring career began when sought out by Youtuber / Musician “Sounds Like Harmony”.  When contacted on Twitter, Tyler, aka “Sounds Like Harmony”, was inquiring about the music business and how things worked.  Tyler was offered a National Tour and asked Ryan to be his tour manager.  In the fall of 2015, they toured the US and Canada on the "Haunted Youth Tour".  After that tour Ryan became the tour manager for Youtube / Music hit maker “Social Repose”, managing the "Yalta Tour", "Somewhere Before Christmas Tour" and "Empress Tour"

In 2018 Ryan was hired to be the full-time Road Manager for The Amazing Kreskin and picked up new management clients Triple Addiction and Janet Gardner (former lead singer of the band Vixen). 

In 2020 Ryan acted on other visions in his professional career to pursue.  Podcasting.  When Ryan had the concept of a podcast show, he shopped the idea around to a few people who thought it was a great concept.  When Ryan began working with career coach Christopher Morga of InvisiScope Coaching Solutions, he urged Ryan to pursue the podcast, believing it would become a great success. Ryan's vision was to interview the experts that have business within the music industry and see how they found their success.

In the spring of 2020, "Advancing the Show" came to life.  In less than 30 days the show has had over 100 downloads and only available on Spotify and Advancing the Show's website.  A great achievement in a short period of time. 

The future looks bright for Ryan as he continues to develop his show, work with his artist on various music projects and develop a whole new brand. Ryan considers this Ryan 2.0. 

In 2020 was an opportunity for Ryan to dive into new ventures. The creation of "Advancing The Show Podcast", and his LYFEStyle brand "Sleepless LYFE" consisting of Coffee and Clothing.

2x award winner for Saving a life with using CPR
Multiple Volunteer first aid awards
Former President & Lieutenant of volunteer first aid
Executive Director for Alice’s CUP Food Pantry
Board Member for COHM
USO Volunteer

Board Member for Musicians On A Mission 

Podcast Host & Creator (Advancing The Show)

Small Business Owner (Sleepless LYFE)


Artist Management:

The Amazing Kreskin  2022- Present
Janet Gardner (Formerly of VIXEN) 2018-present
Triple Addiction 2018 - present

Tour Management:
The Amazing Kreskin 2018 - 2021
Social Repose 2015-2018
Sounds Like Harmony 2015
Toured: US, Cananda, UK

Soul Shifter
Haunted Youth Tour
Yalta Tour
Somewhere Before Christmas Tour
Empress Tour

Social Repose - Yalta Tour, Somewhere Before Christmas Tour,
Empress Tour.
Janet Gardner- “Your Place In The Sun” (music video)

Janet Gardner NJ & PA shows. 
Will Wood & Tapeworms
Acoustic show - Asbury Park NJ
Will Wood “Love Me, Normally” music video -(Asst. lighting director)

Painted Young - "Little Girl" (Music Video

Painted Young - Various Shows 
Carolyn Marie- Leigh High Valley Kick off concert

Carolyn Marie- Concert Garwood NJ
Rally Fest - concert
MetalFest - concert 4&5


Triple Addiction

The Dead Deads 

Whitney Peyton

Sleep On The Floor Collective


John Pizzi (Comedian)

The Amazing Kreskin ( Entertainer)

Jim Dailakis (Comedian)

Steve Lazarus (Comedian)

Jeff Pirrami (Comedian)

Erick McMahon (Comedian)

Jeff Norris (Comedian)

Painted Young

Triple Addiction


The Dead Deads

Sleepless Mind Open Mic Nights 

Sleepless Mind Entertainment Summer Concert Series


Jerry Ganz

COHM Acoustic Concert Series

Sleep On The Floor Collective  

Previous Corporate Clients - Disc Jockey Services

Dr. Pepper / Snapple

Philadelphia Soul 

Spotswood PBA

Jamesburg PBA

Monroe Twp PBA

Hugs For Brady

Dr. Pepper / Snapple 

Spotswood Hook & Ladder Co.

Hugs For Brady - (Volunteer)

Rasing Hope For Others - (Volunteer)

St. Peters Epicopal Church - (Volunteer)

Alice's CUP food Pantry (Volunteer)

COHM (Community Of Hope Ministries) -(Volunteer)

Liberty USO 

National Guard Youth Camp


Artists I've worked with 

Janet Gardner 

Justin James

The Amazing Kreskin

Lorenza Ponce

Anthony Gemignani 

Richie Rivera

Palaye Royal

Hotel Books

BadSeed Rising


Social Repose

Johnnie Guilbert 

Say We Can Fly

Rivers Monroe

Chase Huglin

Sounds Like Harmony

Painted Young

Carolyn Marie 

The Funeral Portrait 

Whitney Peyton 

Jerry Ganz


Secret Tree Fort 

The Dead Deads 

Echo Black

Devin Santi

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